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We are based in two places: on site, and in our office.

We are on site several times a week, so feel free to stop and chat with us (though we may be surrounded by kids, volunteers, or other visitors!)

The site address is 90 Queensbridge Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8QG. We are down the dirt track (holloway) at the remains of the Chamberlain farm buildings.

The Orchard is also accessible through Highbury Park, which has a vehicle entrance off Shutlock Lane at B13 8NZ. From there, walk along the main path to the Henburys wall junction, then take the connecting path til you see small signs for the orchard, or just turn onto the dirt track on your right. The Orchard meeting point is at the top of the path.

The Queensbridge Road entrance has a mailbox suited for postcards and small letters.

If you want to email, phone, or send us post, our office contact details are:

Liz Wright, David Papadopoulos
73 All Saints Road
Kings Heath B14 7LN
0121 293 8973 (from August 2017)

You may also subscribe to our mailing list, directly using the MailChimp sign-up form below, or here at our MailChimp sign up page.

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Our bulletins are free, and come out approximately fortnightly (Orchard sessions) or weekly (Woodland Play).