As a name, Highbury Orchard Community is quite long.

We’ve been thinking about finding a shorter name for our website and email addresses, and we’ve tuned it into a game, of sorts.

We want to show you what we’ve come up with, and ask for your thoughts about other possibilities.
We started by asking ourselves what we do that’s most easily remembered.

The list of answers is somewhat varied.

  • We run open orchard work sessions, forest school activities, CSR and therapeutic activities.
  • We bring people together in outdoor activities; we have fun together
  • We promote sustainable agriculture in the city, and traditional skills
  • We work with marginalised people, in a marginalised space
  • We explore local heritage, and support wildlife
  • We are partners in local social enterprise with Four Seasons, BBKA beekeepers, and other businesses that focus on Highbury

Out of that, we came up with a strapline:

Highbury Orchard Community is about connecting people and land.

You’ll see that at the top of our website.
From that, we think ‘people and land’ works as a memorable address.

So we’ve gone ahead and registered it as a domain name, and a twitter account.

By the way, did you know we also have project pages at these places?

Having come up with one alternative name, we’re still considering others, and would be glad to hear from you.

People and Land is quite broad – so we are still wondering if there’s some better name that speaks to what we do, and is easy to remember.

So we’d like to hear your thoughts about ways of describing what we do, and easy names for use as straplines, web addresses and remembering!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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