Very Greens

Lots of green in today’s vistas, plus a fair amount of blue sky. No rain, and quite a bit of very welcome sunshine!

The nettles, hemlock, thistle, balsam, bindweed, borage, buttercup and other plants are very dense, very vigorous, and need pulling, cutting or otherwise holding in check before they overrun the site. We’ll need a scythe to keep ahead of it.

With that in mind, we’ve applied for small pots of money from a couple of sources, and hope to get some tools before long. We need a road bar/breaker bar to get through the bricks in the soil, plus another wheelbarrow, some proper shears, loppers and secateurs, more tarps, storage boxes, a water store and some woodworking tools.

We are also planning to run some forest school sessions this August and September, and are beginning to plan next winter’s pruning and grafting sessions. If we can raise the money, we’ll also be doing some other projects, so watch this space. There’s a lot of downed timber about, and we want to make use of it.

We’ve now got a page on Project Dirt, another on Facebook, and a temporary website with some info about the Summertastic programme. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

Karen’s got a lacewing, and we’re all marvelling at how colourful and delicate
it is.

It wouldn’t hold still long enough for a good photo! Of course, Karen doesn’t
either! But we do have a pretty good idea of her thumbprint.

Getting started on clearing the next compost storage area – pulling out the
nettles, balsam, and bramble.

Meanwhile, John is pulling nettle and thistle over on this side.

Ian uncovers some yellow mushrooms. No idea what these are.

Toward the end of the day, we get started on making a new path. We plan to
build a composting toilet at the end of it, over by the fence.

There’s nettle there too, and some downed limbs.

Within two hours there’s a clear line of sight back to the main path. Looking

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