We’re Looking for Volunteers

Sustaining the garden, the project development & community interest company management all take a lot of energy. We manage the routine tasks, but need extra hands when we’re putting on something special or doing something new.

At present, we’re looking for individuals and small teams to help with some specific tasks. Some are simple labouring tasks like planting trees. Other tasks involve more complex thinking and ongoing planning.

Three sitework options, November onward

Session dates to be based on volunteer availability from mid-November.

Tree planting, including apple trees and hedgerow whips
We have several young apple trees and dozens of smaller hedgerow whips that want planting in early winter.

We have timber for three workbenches, and would like a small team of volunteers with basic carpentry skills to cut and help assemble.

Peace Garden
Part of our overall site plan includes a contemplative place to one side of the orchard. This will be done in steps, from measuring and designing the location, preparing the soil and borders, and possibly doing some decorative work with pebbles and other materials.

Project Management, Development, Admin

We’ve got outlines for specific jobs, and some loose ideas about other posts needing attention. We’ve created an outline for a number of roles, and are focusing on each of them as time and opportunities arise.

HIGHBURY ORCHARD COMMUNITY CIC is a social enterprise based on the estate next to Highbury Park, Moseley. Now in our 8th year, we provide three land-based programmes of outdoor activity that enable people to connect with nature, close to the heart of the city.

These include:

  • creating a Community Orchard, with some heritage species of apple, and other fruits
  • learning together at Woodland Play for families with children aged 0-8
  • managing well-being while learning woodland crafts and skills at Stick Around, for adults.

There are various ways to get involved with us whether it’s working outdoors, focusing on people, or administration and other indoor work. We are an inclusive organisation and help everyone engage their strengths at a level to suit them. Responsibilities are shared between volunteers and paid staff, and everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.


  1. Admin Assistant
  2. Bookkeeper
  3. Company Fundraiser
  4. Marketing Coordinator
  5. Produce Coordinator
  6. Projects Manager
  7. Volunteer Coordinator
  8. Other Senior Management, incl Board membership


  1. Orchard Session Leader
  2. Orchard Volunteer
  3. Outdoor Education Leader
  4. Stick Around Leader
  5. Stick Around Assistant Leader
  6. Woodland Play Leader
  7. Woodland Play Assistant Leader
  8. Other Site-Related project management

For more details, or other queries, please contact us by email or speak to us on site.

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