Winter Solstice at Highbury, 17 December 2017

The Winter Solstice takes place astronomically on 21st December, but we will be celebrating it on Sunday 17th December 3:30 – 6:30.

It will partly coincide with Woodland Play (Sunday) for families of 0-8s, which runs at its usual time of 1:30 earlier in the day, and will include some of the activities mentioned here.


Everyone is welcome, and there will be a family friendly atmosphere with things to do for all ages.

Come and join us as we make quickie gifts to give away to each other, learn a bit of Solstice Science, and make a campfire to cook something to eat and drink.

Other plans include decorating trees with bird food,  fun with shadows and with tree-shapes (for children), sawing logs for the campfire, serving hot food and spicy apple drink.

We hope to have some goodies on sale, as last minute Christmas presents too.

Bring a torch to find you way safely home afterwards!

This is a Pay As You Feel event, with a suggested donation of £5 each, or £10 per family.

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