Fruit Tree Care Course 2017 – 2018

We’re very pleased to receive a grant from Gregg’s Environmental Fund to run our first Fruit Tree Care course, starting 25th November 2017. This will be the first of six sessions – maybe more. Rob Tilling, recently of The Orchard Project, will be the course leader and will take participants through the different tasks of each season to help you keep your fruit trees in tip-top condition. Training days take place at Highbury Orchard on the Highbury Estate, Moseley.

When is it?

The training days run from 10AM to 3PM and occur regularly from November 2017 to October 2018, approximately once every two months.

Session 1, 25th November 2017: creating an espalier

Session 2, 13th January 2018: caring for and pruning older trees

Session 3, 3rd March 2018: grafting

Session 4 12th May 2018: Pests and Diseases, creating a fruit tree guild

NEXT SESSION – Session 5, 7th July: Summer pruning, fruiting and caring for young fruit, more work in the Guild

Session 6, 15th September: Apple ID techniques, which varieties to choose and sample.

The charge is £30 per session, with a concessional rate of £15 for long-term volunteers and those on a low income. There is room for up to 10 participants and people are signing up already, so let us know if you are interested as we are now taking bookings. You may email Liz on

Where and What kinds of trees?

The course will take place at Highbury Orchard and Four Seasons Garden Project, 92 Queensbridge Road. Both locations are on the Highbury Estate. At the community orchard, we have apple, pear, quince and plum. Some of the apple are older varieties propagated from trees planted by Jo Chamberlain about 120 years ago. Some are ready to make espalier, and you will be learning how to do this. You will also work on Jo’s trees in what is now Four Seasons Garden Project. Some apple and pear varieties are trained into a fruit tunnel, one of very few in the country, and you will be nurturing these back into good health, as well as learning how to benefit older trees in your own garden.

Please email Liz on for more information.

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