Wishlist August 2017 1

Following the fire in the Orchard on 25th August, we are compiling a wishlist for repairs and improvements to prevent recurrence of the  vandalism we’ve experienced recently.

Here’s a list of things that we lost in the fire:

  • between 200 & 300m of hosepipe. Long enough to reach from Queensbridge Road to the park! For our system of interconnected water collectors and storage.
  • 3 large water barrels, 2 smaller ones
  • 4 fenceposts, tanalised, 3m x 100×100 (4″x4″)
  • 4 sheets of 3/4 plywood hoarding
  • small folding table
  • small wooden stool
  • mud kitchen utensils of various sorts
  • guttering and downpipes
  • landscape fabric
  • reinforced polythene sheeting
  • regular polytunnel UV-resistant sheeting
  • rolls of chicken wire
  • roll of rubber mat
  • polythene tarp
  • some work gloves
  • several water buckets
  • polytunnel shelving
  • Frame and polycarbonate ‘glazing’ parts of a small greenhouse that hadn’t been assmbled.
  • a small gazebo
  • our wormery!


Things we need for an improved rebuild

… coming soon!

We’ll post links and send out a notice once we’ve got a clear idea.

It will be a list of things that will improve security and durability. We will aim for some bigger-ticket items to make sure the rebuild is more durable than what we have/had.

For example, we should replace some plastic supports with metal or wire, should have a good size fire extinguisher within easy reach, and replace our gates and fencing with something more difficult to get through.


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  1. Reply Andy Aug 31,2017 18:57

    I’ve got a wormery you can have

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