Post-fire Clean Up and Securing the Site

On Friday 25th August, the Orchard storage compound suffered a blaze. Some items were totally torched, some badly scorched and others just damaged beyond use. Thank You For Seeking Out This Page (and finding it!). It means a lot to us that you want to help put things right.

We aim to give helpful information here, so that you can help in a way that suits your time and abilities. If you cannot give time, but are able to give funds, please use the Donate button visble on the right hand side of the page.

Today (26 August) we’ve been in touch with various people about clearing up and doing some repair to the polytunnel, compound and fencework. Some of the coordination is happening in the comments on our FB page here.

Please contact Ranger Alf on facebook here , on twitter here, if you can help out this Tuesday 29th, or Wednesday 30th.

[There’s also a separate volunteer group scheduled for Thursday morning, but they are focusing on another part of the orchard that needs two wagonloads of leaf mulch shifting. Not related to the fire, but feel free to attend.]

We still have to source fence material for making the site secure. We have asked for some Heras panels, but if those don’t arrive, we may have to bodge a new fence from plywood we already have.

We’re still in the process of coordinating very kind offers of help with putting the panels up. Once we have sourced materials and had a further site check from Alf, we’ll figure out how many other people are needed for the fence work. There will be another call out at that point.

Aside from that, and slightly later on, we’d like to source a range of materials and replacements for what we’ve lost. People can start collecting now, and let us know as stuff becomes available.

We will post a wishlist on our Facebook page and here on the website.

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