Blackberry Junket 1

I do love blackberry and apple crumble, but have been looking for new inspiration for using balckberries. I found this one in Richard Mabey’s Food for Free. It’s so simple, it could be made outdoors immediately after foraging.


Pick very ripe blackberries, the riper the better. So look for the ones at the tip of a cluster, that have been bathed in sunshine.

Wash gently and press through a mouli, sieve or juice extractor. You only need the juice. No other ingredients are required. There should be enough sugar in the wild fruit.

Place in a container and leave for several hours in a warm place (more sunshine needed here). It will thicken to a soft gloopy junket consistency.

Serve on plain sponge cake or biscuits, with cream! Yum! We’d like to hear of other possibilities too.

Liz’s didn’t thicken properly the first time, so she put it out on the back doorstep in the sun for a second warming.

One comment on “Blackberry Junket

  1. Reply Liz Oct 4,2012 09:48

    This was very tasty, but mine was quite sharp. That’s why it needed a second warming to set properly. Next time I shall choose only the ripest and sweetest of fruit. The more sugar, the easier it sets – I expect.

    It’s very easy to make and I love using the mouli to crush the fruit. It’s a very soothing operation, turning the handle round and round …

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