Highbury Harvest 15th October 2016


Wow, what a fabulous time it was. Lots of helpers and stallholders, plenty of visitors (about 500 we think) showing lots of interest, … and hours of sunshine. Even though rain had been forecast, it didn’t rain till evening. How lucky were we!

Thank you every one of the 21 volunteers who helped and put in a total of over 200 hours including the planning.  Most of all we thank Rhiannon Simpson who coordinated the whole thing over the past few months and fell asleep (or not) on many a night counting gazebos!

We also thank the wonderful stallholders who came along, some who have come repeatedly and who helped create the magical, mystical atmosphere on the estate. We hope you will join us next year too.


Highbury Harvest is nearly here again. The honey has been collected from the bees, the apples are ripening, the rhubarb keeps on a-growing, plants need selling, and wood needs turning on the pole-lathe or bashing into pegs.

There will be our usual array of stalls and activities. Some are familiar: Birmingham Orienteering Club, Honeycake Bake-Off with a van called Sunshine, Sara’s Parlour face-painting, Birmingham Bee Keepers Association, herbal walks with Nicola Peterson, the Barefoot Path, The Real Junk Food Project, Friends of the Earth, and tea and cakes at Four Seasons. And new ones too: Sound Bowls with Soesen, dye fabric with natural dyes with Jitka, watch Layla making batiks, and  support MAGC, and Kinmos.

Highbury Harvest takes place in Highbury Park (B13 8QG) and on the adjoining estate. Just follow the signs. Everything is ready! We hope people from near and far will be ripe and ready too – to have some fun outdoors, connecting to the land at Highbury and all it has to offer!

Saturday 15th October 11Am – 4PM is the date.

Book it in your diary for a special day out with friends or family. Don’t forget to bring your apples to the apple press. Then take the beautiful fresh juice home for a fabulous health drink!

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