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Our summer holiday events are Wednesday 5th and 26th August 2015, 1:30 – 4:30 each day. There will be a focus on bushcraft skills. We were oversubscribed last time so early booking is strongly advised! You can do this by emailing Liz at or by phoning 0121 628 2680. Each session costs £5 per family with up to three children. BOTH THESE EVENTS ARE FULLY BOOKED. Stay updated about our Woodland Play for families learning together by joining our mailing list (email Liz at

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Sunday 21st June, Summer Solstice Picnic

A nice little crowd of people turned up for this event at the Fairy Doors and we made some new friends! There was a splendid table of quiches, salads and cakes on offer as well as a fruit cordial made with early orchard harvests. Our orchard honey was on sale too. Rhiannon helped people make summer crowns from willow and other leaves and blossoms; David and Andy were set up creating a sundial from sticks during the afternoon: and I (Liz) had placed a golden Sun in the centre of Earth’s orbit to celebrate the solstice. John’s reindeer headband was a novel and unexpected contribution! Were you thinking of the other solstice John?

Wednesday 27th May 1:30  – 4:00.

What an amazing turnout of families for our half-term Woodland Play session! We’re sorry that some people were disappointed as we did turn some away – so we need to say EARLY BOOKING ADVISABLE next time.

If you’ve ever played Paper Scissor Stone, then you’ll know what to do in Man Lion Tree (except that the Tree never really loses). That’s the game we started off with. Most people got into the spirit of the day by daubing themselves with clay paint and two fearsome-looking tribes were formed. Off we went to the Orchard and Basecamp to make shelters. Jenny set the groups a challenge – to make  their shelter free-standing, to use some knots, or to make a door or window. The results show some serious application! It was good to see so many adults joining in the fun  and getting as involved as the children!

Our small campfire was carefully monitored by Jenny, and the children waited very patiently to make their damper, try the herb cheese dip and sip their lemon balm tea. One youg man declared he is going to learn to make bread now. Glad we inspired him!


 Night Walk on Wednesday 18th February 5-7pm

A lovely group turned out for the Night Walk. We were lucky with dry weather as it poured down the following morning. Two blindfold games got us started. All the children wanted to play Owl and Mouse, and some were very good listeners! Meet a Tree was more challenging, as you get to feel a tree and then try to recognise it with the blindfold removed. One of two people found the rhyll – a wet and chilly mistake! By the time we went into the ancient hedgerow to collect items for the feely bag, the light was dropping and the woodland became quite eery. Especially as the crows were unsettled …

Onwards in the dark to Moon Meadow to lie on a tarp and look up at the sky – but the clouds were well set in, not a star or planet were sighted. So we made our own. The children stood in a circle  representing the orbit of Earth around the Sun, facing outwards into the “night sky”. Parents with candles stood beyond this space representing stars visible in the night sky at different times of year. A breezy Moon Meadow brought our explorations to a prompt close! Many thanks to Jenny for leading us in some great experiences.

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