Harvest Highlights

Lots of people know us from our Facebook page, which gets updates nearly every day, and carries on much more dialogue. The website allows us to stretch out, giving topics more depth and detail, which also takes more time to produce. It’s taken a while, but here’s our summary of the day.


We put on over a dozen kinds of activities, from Apple Pressing to Woodland Garland making, including

  • Apple pressing on a Bring Your Own basis, plus apples picked from Four Seasons.
  • a Barefoot Path – wooden frames filled with textured walking surfaces. We also set up the hammocks and left the log circle uncluttered for people to simply chill out.
  • Birmingham Camera Obscura – mobile panorama viewer
  • CoBOC Birmingham Orienteering Club – lots of orienteering challenges
  • Face Painting – by Sarah of Sarah’s Parlour
  • Fairy Village Workshop – Nerys & Rae (Leaf Creative Arts) supporting children in making an atmospheric village among the crucibles
  • Rug Making- with The Gap Arts
  • Honeycake Bake Off – 10 cakes were entered, and about 100 people judged them. The winner was the baker of the Greek honeycake and the prize an afternoon at the Victorian Tea Party, Highbury Hall.
  • Hot food – from The Real Junk Food Project outdoor kitchen
  • Mud Kitchen – real mud, pots, pans and utensils for aspiring outdoor cooks! Run by Jenny from Muddy Puddles
  • Nettle string making & weaving – Stephie from Sustainable Life showing the practical and wondrous things to do with natural materials
  • Talks on beekeeping, herb lore, food waste, and outdoor play
  • Treasure Trail & prize draw – 10 clues, two words, and a prize voucher from Armadillo crafts on Poplar Road



We stretched things out along a 500 metre route across the park and up to Four Seasons.

Henburys Corner Play Area (A) serves as a great point for catching passers-by along the main park path. CoBOC like it because they can use the woodland playtrail for an orienteering course. The Camera Obscura folks liked that corner too because of the wide landscape vista.

The Orchard Corner Gathering Space (B) concentrated kids activities and HOCCIC products. It was also a good place for people to find us, and to meet each other. Facepainting, garland making, mud kitchen, honeycake competition, and craft sales all happened around there.

The orchard itself had activities part way up the orchard path at the Basecamp Inlet (C), at the corner of the brick floor (D), and along the back wall of what we call the Piggery (E).

Rae & Nerys set up along the old farm track (Between E and F) to make use of the crucible wall.

Four Seasons (F) hosted the apple press, the hot food, and the talks.


From our Flickr album
Orienteering at Henburys Corner

Birmingham Camera Obscura

Orchard Corner

Brick Floor


Farm Track

Four Seasons Glasshouse

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