Fruit Tree Care Course 2017 – 2018

Fruit Tree Care Course 2017 - 2018
We're very pleased to receive a grant from Gregg's Environmental Fund to run our first Fruit Tree Care course, starting 25th November 2017. This will be the first of six sessions - maybe more. Rob Tilling, recently of The Orchard Project, will be the course leader and will take participants through the different tasks of ...

Stick Around 2017 – 2018

Stick Around 2017 - 2018
For 2017 - 2018, we have decided to make Stick Around a focus of our community fundraising. If you want to find out how your donation will be put to good use, you have come to the right page! Stick Around is our Forest Education programme for grown-ups. (Well, why should the children have all ...

Highbury Harvest 15th October 2016

Highbury Harvest 15th October 2016
Wow, what a fabulous time it was. Lots of helpers and stallholders, plenty of visitors (about 500 we think) showing lots of interest, ... and hours of sunshine. Even though rain had been forecast, it didn't rain till evening. How lucky were we! Thank you every one of the 21 volunteers who helped and put ...

16 June Open Work Session 1

16 June Open Work Session
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Foraging Necklace for Bees

Why do we need to help the bees? Bees and other pollinating insects are essential to the plant life cycle as they help the flower produce its seed and propagate itself for years to come. They are also essential to the food chain of many animals including people, by being instrumental in producing tasty and ...

A Foraging Necklace for Bees

A Foraging Necklace for Bees
Highbury has been a haven for honeybees for 50 years or more as beekeepers have been sharing their skills here all that time. We have an opportunity to help the bees stay fit and healthy by creating a Bee Haven in the park. The foraging necklace for bees will consist of several separate stands of ...